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Our Method


As dehumanization in healthcare grows, and patient satisfaction declines, it is absolutely vital to restore a sense of control to both the care-giver and care-seeker struggling in the middle of this broken system. Our Method brings the focus back to the human side of healthcare and uses a simple process that empowers both parties.

Through Prognosis H+O+P=E, there will be reduced care-giver burnout, decreased employee turnover, improved patient outcomes and reduced costs associated with these issues.

Angie and Todd Felts

Why the Prognosis H+O+P=E Method?

We are dedicated healthcare professionals AND we both know what it’s like to be a patient too. We have experienced the lack of humanity in healthcare as Care-Givers AND as Care-Seekers. When we start with human connection there are better patient outcomes, reduced employee turnover and decreased burnout. Our method brings humanity back to healthcare and provides the path to restore hope. When Care-Givers and Care-Seekers collaborate we ALL win!

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About the Author

Angie Felts is passionate about human connection and restoring humanity to healthcare. As founder of – the premier site focusing on care-giver and care-seeker collaboration and empowerment – she speaks and writes regularly on this powerful topic.

As a registered nurse with experience in med/surg, mental health, long term care, hospice, assisted living and home care, Angie understands the challenges nurses face today. It is her personal goal to empower 1,000,000 nurses through the Prognosis Hope message.

She is also a business owner with more than twenty-five years of sales and marketing experience. While her work is very rewarding and important to her, it is her son, Anthony and husband, Todd that mean the most. As a CNA, life partner and business partner, Todd shares Angie’s passion for human connection and restoring humanity to healthcare.

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Prognosis H+O+P=E

Human connection + Opportunity + Participation = EMPOWERMENT

A four-step method that is simple and easy to implement, and puts patients back in the driver's seat and enables medical professionals to return to their true callings as healers.

Angie and Todd's Story

PROGNOSIS HOPE is the living, breathing heart of two people who want to empower both Care-Givers and Care-Seekers. It began with their love story and their marriage vows of “in sickness and in health”. When they met, Angie was living with a traumatic brain injury and soon after they were married, Todd had his first of three cervical surgeries. As Care-Seekers, they both began to understand just how broken our healthcare system is.

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Robert Kennedy





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  • Speaking at Parker Senior Living, Parker, CO - Oct 15th 2019 
  • Speaking at Vintage and Vibrant, PACE Parker, CO - May 22nd 2019
  • Local Author Event, Castle Rock, CO - August 17th 2019
  • Lunch & Learn, Castle Rock Senior Activity Center - Aug 28th 2019


My most recent article was published in The Douglas County Press

We can't tell you how many times we dreamed about Prognosis HOPE being reviewed by the Bookends. We "thought" about that a lot. Think about a dream you have right now and then give yourself the gift of taking a step toward that dream today. Don't wait until tomorrow

"Hope is the key to living and aging well"

Here is the link to Angie's article in the Parker Chronicle

What Are People Saying

Well written with personal and professional accounts...

One thing that stood out for me, was the fact that one attempt or one opinion regarding the care of our loved ones does not make the patient's destiny. Well written with personal and professional accounts that bring this model home.


Book Reviewer at

Rick Cseak - Owner/CEO Home Helpers  Senior Care at Home Denver, Colorado

Thanks for opening the floodgates...

Angie truly understands the soul and spirit within someone, whether we are 
Care-givers or Care-seekers. Thanks for opening the floodgates, that we might share our own human connection, embracing Prognosis HOPE, no matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what life’s journey lay ahead. Prognosis HOPE embraces the Universal Truth, that we are all connected. 

Rick Cseak

Owner/CEO of Home Helpers - Senior Care at Home

Vania Clark-Butler - Founder and Chief Systemizer at The Seriously Systemized CEO

Prognosis HOPE empowered me...

Prognosis HOPE is a godsend and it helped me navigate a medical system that I am quite unfamiliar with. It gave me such a positive perspective and empowered me to be proactive about managing the situation and the care-givers involved.  

Vania Clark-Butler

Founder and Chief Systemizer at The Seriously Systemized CEO

Angie's personal story is wonderful...

I just finished reading an advance copy of my friend Angie's book. Wow. Where to start? Prognosis HOPE is about so much more than care giving. Angie's personal story alone is wonderful; the amazing part is how she has applied what she has learned and observed in her personal and professional life. 

Melissa Geiser


Jeffrey Atherton

Angie's personal story is wonderful...

Prognosis HOPE is a beautiful and HIGHLY relevant message told in a heartfelt, sweet, vulnerable, honest, spunky, loving way. I only wish this book had been available prior to my 97 year old mother entering assisted care. The experience was a constant struggle and cause of much stress for my whole family.

Jeffrey Atherton

Founder of Max Height Web Solutions

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