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We must begin with human connection and maintain it throughout our course of treatment. To do anything less is to do harm.

In a world where human disconnection is so prevalent, Prognosis HOPE restores humanity to healthcare and brings hope back to both caregivers and care-seekers. Patients don’t always get the care they deserve and it’s time for both caregivers and care-seekers to stand up and demand that change. Before becoming a registered nurse, Angie Felts was hit by a drunk driver. She sustained a traumatic brain injury that put her life on hold for nearly twenty years and provides a unique perspective on the dehumanization present in healthcare today. In a candid, yet entertaining way, Angie shares her personal story, along with the stories of her mentors, colleagues, and patients, to demonstrate her method for human connection: Prognosis HOPE. A four-step method that is simple and easy to implement, Prognosis HOPE puts patients back in the driver’s seat and enables medical professionals to return to their true callings as healers by celebrating human connection instead of getting bogged down by a diagnosis or complicated care plan. Angie empowers readers to see that they can change their own lives and leads both caregivers and care-seekers back to humanity by joining forces and sharing in the human experience.

The Prognosis HOPE revolution is about to begin, and it starts right here, right now!

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