Well written with personal and professional accounts...

HOPE: Human Connection, Opportunity, Participation, Empowerment. The author discusses this common sense model in a compassionate, heartfelt manner. One thing that stood out for me, was the fact that one attempt or one opinion regarding the care of our loved ones does not make the patient's destiny. Leave no stone unturned, seek second opinions and those of like minds. Support is imperative for empowerment. Well written with personal and professional accounts that bring this model home.

Angie  // Book Reviewer at GoodReads.com

Vania Clark-Butler - Founder and Chief Systemizer at The Seriously Systemized CEO

Exactly what I needed...

I can’t thank you enough for writing this book.I brought it with me to South Carolina where I’m visiting my mother-in-law in a rehabilitation hospital. She had a stroke a month ago and thanks to an amazing family and exceptional caregivers she will be returning to her home this week.

Reading your book was exactly what I needed at this time. What a blessing it is to have it. A lot of fear comes up when facing the unknown but I felt very well guided by your words, your experience, and your insights. I can’t thank you enough for everything you put into it.

It is a godsend and it helped me navigate a medical system that I am quite unfamiliar with. It gave me such a positive perspective and empowered me to be proactive about managing the situation and the care-givers involved. Hope comes in all shapes and sizes and mine arrived in the shape and size of your book. Bless you my friend!

Vania Clark-Butler  //  Founder and Chief Systemizer at The Seriously Systemized CEO

Rick Cseak - Owner/CEO Home Helpers Senior Care at Home Denver, Colorado

Thanks for opening the floodgates...

After reading Prognosis HOPE, may I say, I’m truly touched by the incredible personal journey Angie has shared with us. Human Connections start from an honest place, and Kudos for sharing your life's moments, and showing us firsthand how “Human Connections” can move mountains.

As you read each chapter, Angie pushes you to look at your own journey with HOPE, as you look at your life’s journey, your today, and HOPE for tomorrow.

Angie truly understands the soul and spirit within someone, whether we are
Care-givers or Care-seekers. Thanks for opening the floodgates, that we might share our own human connection, embracing Prognosis HOPE, no matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what life’s journey lay ahead. Prognosis HOPE embraces the Universal Truth, that we are all connected. 

Rick Cseak  //  Owner/CEO of Home Helpers Senior Care at Home

Angie's personal story is wonderful...

I just finished reading an advance copy of my friend Angie's book. Wow. Where to start? Prognosis HOPE is about so much more than care giving. Angie's personal story alone is wonderful; the amazing part is how she has applied what she has learned and observed in her personal and professional life.

Through her own experiences and relationships, Angie has learned what really matters when we are helping others and when we ourselves need help. We are not symptoms or data points or a disease; we are human beings who need to be heard, given a kind touch, and reassured with an unhurried smile. Get this book!

Melissa Geiser  //  Self-Employed

Rhea Iarussi, RN

The book was amazing...

The book was amazing! Your ability to retain joy and a sense of purpose despite difficulty is a true gift and your writing style made me feel like you were right there next to me telling me the whole story. Bravo!!!!

Rhea Iarussi, RN  //  Case Manager for Interim Home Health

Jeffrey Atherton

Angie's personal story is wonderful...

Prognosis HOPE is a beautiful and HIGHLY relevant message told in a heartfelt, sweet, vulnerable, honest, spunky, loving way. I only wish this book had been available prior to my 97 year old mother entering assisted care. The experience was a constant struggle and cause of much stress for my whole family.

With Prognosis HOPE, Angie Felts is at the genesis of a nationwide healthcare overhaul! I can only hope and pray that her vision is realized before anyone else has to suffer the indignity and dehumanizing experience my mother had to endure.

Jeffrey Atherton//  Founder of Max Height Web Solutions

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